March 29th to June 9th, 2019 

The Ethics of Dust: Westminster Hall will be on view at the Whitworth museum, in Manchester, U.K. as part of the exhibition Joy for Ever: How to use art to change the world and its price in the market, curated by Alistair Hudson and Poppy Bowers. 

Commissioned by Artangel, The Ethics of Dust: Westminster Hall was first installed in 2016 in the oldest existing building in the Houses of Parliament. Over 50 meters long, this cast of Westminster Hall's east wall contained hundreds of years of surface pollution and dust held captive in translucent latex. As fate would have it, the exhibition opened in the immediate aftermath of the E.U. referendum result in June 2016. The Whitworth museum exhibition opens on March 29th, 2019, the day the U.K. is due to leave the European Union.

The Ethics of Dust: Westminster Hall is in the permanent collections of the The Museum of London, The Ulster Museum in Belfast, The Whitworth in Manchester, the Kelvingrove / The People's Palace in Glasgow, the Museums Sheffield, and Worcester City Art Gallery & Museum.

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Installation view of Courtesy of Artangel and William Eckersle